Rethinking daily habits.

If you’re like me, you like to do some deep thinking on the toilet. And by deep thinking I mean scrolling through social media and then realizing you’ve been on the toilet 10 minutes longer than you needed to be. One of those deep thinks got me wondering about how much time I spend on my toilet. And then I thought HOW MUCH do I spend on my toilet. And it turns out, before I got Tushy, quite a lot.

Your butt is a sacred place, the area around your butt is a sacred -baby producing- pleasuring-centered

AJ Wolbrum — Budget Coach

“I get so emotional, baby
Every time I think of you
I get so emotional, baby
Ain’t it shocking what love can do”

Thank you Whitney Houston for perfectly describing the feeling of an emotional reaction. If you replace the word love with ‘fear,’ ‘anger,’ ‘loneliness,’ or ‘grief’ you’ll get the same outcome. Love is certainty not the only emotion that warrants decision making.

All emotions good or bad cause a chemical reaction inside of us. Have you ever been so angry you can’t see straight, you start to sweat and can hear your…

It’s the blueprints of the relationship to yourself.

There’s an incredible movement happening in the world. People want to take care of themselves! The fitness industry is a multi billion dollar entity, with no pulse of slowing down.

Just go into any grocery store and you’ll see the change. Where there once was skittles and twix, now sits protein bars. Magazines on fashion now replaced with strong looking women who share their ‘secrets to happy and healthy lives.’

But there’s something that remains the same despite the different products and different values being pushed.

Can you guess what it is?


The Global Wellness Institute completed a study in…

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Can you make healthy choices when you are scared? Can you moderate with caution when you feel endangered? An impulsive purchase turns into a spiral of self sabotage that leaves you wondering how to turn the light on.

How does budgeting have anything to do with harmony? Well let’s look at a case study.

I was 25 years old. Embarking on a new journey south to New Zealand. A year in Australia and 6 months in Asia were not enough…

The do’s and don’ts

If you want help setting up a holiday budget email me at

And the winner for best Mom award goes too…

The holidays use to be my least favorite time of year. I felt an immeasurable amount of pressure. Embracing my grinch-ness. But the truth is that present expectations always made me feel really bad about myself. For most of my life I couldn’t afford to give gifts. I remember in high school attempting to buy gifts for my friends, you know those friends; who always seem to know what to get you. Asking my parents for money to buy my friends gifts was…

For support in making your dreams reality reach out. I’ll get you set up with the following services: a live personalized budget to match your unique needs, assistance with creating attainable goals, and monthly challenges to build your ‘wealth’ muscles. Contact:

This might seem like an impossible task. How do you budget when your money is inconsistent and your weekly schedule fluctuates? Would you believe me if I said that you 100% can budget, get your finances in a healthy place, and create more space to do what you love? I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over 10…

Do you know how much you spend on coffee a month? How about your non-negotiable bills like rent, utilities, phone and transportation? Do you know how much it cost to put a down deposit on a 350k home? Most of you are going to say no. Why is that? Because we live in an instant gratification culture that is manipulating your emotions to believe that stuff fulfills you. There I said it! Hot beverages make us feel safe, paying rent feels frivolous, buying a house feels limiting. Until we change our relationship to the stuff, we’re not going to make…

Smells of rose and cedar scented candles perfume the room. Sounds of soft music fills the air. Legs inverted up the wall, face mask firmly depriving oxygen from penetrating my face. Silk robe falling off my shoulders and a laptop screen containing my most valuable piece of self-care. My 6 page live google excel budget.

This isn’t your normal self care article. I’m not going to tell you to say a mantra while burning palo santo.You’re not going to unplug, in fact you will very much be plugging back in. This is about the self care practice that will radically…

Here’s an idea. This is how we’re going to make men understand the female condition; let’s treat them exactly how we’ve been treated. Let’s talk to them with dis-regard for their feelings, ignore their life experience and bring their morale down by throwing every collective wrong doing ever made in their face.

WHAT? NO! That is absolutely, positively the most archaic, thoughtless, insensitive way to open up a dialogue. Who would want to respond to that? What person would want to engage in that kind of communication. That’s like taking a knife to the throat of your enemy and asking…

#tbt Vietnam, My brother, Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.” -Zen and the art of motorcycle Maintenance


This picture brings me an immeasurable amount of joy. I’m the little nugget with the big ears and mischievous pre poop smile. I’m sitting on my big brother Jordan, next to my big sister Amanda. While my sister and I have had the most evolving, challenging growing loving relationship, my brother and I didn’t speak for over 10 years.

AJ Wolbrum

AJ is a Financial Freedom Coach and the founder of Beyond The Green Coaching.

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